In speaking with voters, the most pressing challenge many individuals are grappling with is affordability– specifically the cost of homes and rent, coupled with a lack of good job opportunities to realize their American dream. I’ll fight for policies that help families deal with the housing affordability crisis in New Jersey, including raising the federal minimum wage and expanding affordable housing options for working people.


In addition, we must increase investments into middle-class jobs. Building on President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act presents a unique opportunity to create robust union jobs and foster the growth of the middle class. By doing so, we provide more women with access to careers in apprenticeships, paving the way for genuine middle-class opportunities.

Family Care

Recognizing the pivotal role of things like paid family leave or accessible childcare, we need to allocate more resources to address the primary obstacles preventing many women from returning to work like affordable childcare. Similarly, supporting elder care costs is crucial, as this directly impacts the financial burden on families.


This is a matter that is extremely close to my heart and an issue that greatly impacts my life. As an immigrant woman who endured eight years of family separation, I understand the challenges faced by those seeking a better life in the United States. It has been decades since Congress has passed any meaningful immigration reform and I’m prepared to be a strong national voice that will bring practical solutions rooted in compassion and empathy. That means that we must recognize that our immigration challenges do not begin at our southern border and cannot be solved by building Donald Trump’s wall. A long-term solution must address the root causes of migration and alleviate the pressures and dangers that force people to flee their homes. I am also committed to finding a resolution for the 11 million undocumented workers contributing to our economy who deserve a pathway to citizenship. Including millions who still face uncertainty due to the right-wing attacks on critical immigration programs like Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).


I support policies that create economic opportunity for all, address equal pay for women, and respect the rights of workers to organize into unions. A strong economy needs to result in better working conditions, wages, and benefits for working families. We must act to reduce poverty by increasing the federal minimum wage from the current $7.25 to above $15 an hour; doing so would immediately raise millions of working families out of poverty across the US, and put NJ on equal footing with other states for attracting good job creation in our economy. I also believe in supporting investments in small business development and entrepreneurship programs that support economic growth in urban centers. The federal government must expand its investment in affordable and small loans targeted to spur innovation at the local level by young people, women, and minority entrepreneurs.

Healthcare & Medicare For All

While the Affordable Care Act provided much-needed healthcare benefits to millions of Americans, it is time we expanded that access by creating a Medicare-For-All system that provides affordable healthcare for all workers and their families. We must also find solutions that make elder-home care affordable so that all families can prosper while taking care of our older relatives with dignity and respect.

Reproductive Freedom – Abortion Rights

I believe in every person’s right to make decisions about their own body, including the right to access safe and legal abortion services. It is scary and shameful that since the Dobbs decision, we have seen women forced into unthinkable situations where a politician is dictating their access to critical healthcare. Beyond codifying a federal right to an abortion, we must also make critical investments to address the maternal health crisis facing young women, especially Black and Latinx communities.

Gun Control

I appreciate Senator Cory Booker’s leadership on this critical issue. Having witnessed the terrors that weapons of war can have on innocent communities, I firmly believe that these guns have no place in our neighborhoods and I would proudly support a federal ban on assault weapons.


Students deserve a good K-12 education and access to affordable higher education that prepares them for the jobs of the future. They need access to jobs in the building trades, high tech industry, STEM and innovation so they can build the future we need. A fair, equitable and affordable education should be available to all students. We should work to eliminate high interest loans and keep student debt to a minimum including a comprehensive plan to cancel the high levels of student loan debt held by students today.

Environmental Justice

I am committed to promoting equitable environmental policies that ensure every community, regardless of socio-economic status, has the right to clean air, water, and a healthy environment. I’m glad that President Biden passed the largest investment ever into clean energy, including historic investments that address environmental injustice, and that we’re now seeing those investments make it to communities across the country. Critical investments in green jobs must include investment in good union jobs and through training via apprenticeship programs that create a path to middle class jobs for women, workers of color and our youth.

Israel / Palestine

As the only candidate in this race who has survived a civil war and experienced the damaging and traumatic consequences that it leaves on civilian communities and families, the images we see out of Gaza are extremely heartbreaking and tragic. Let me be clear, Hamas is a terrorist organization that should be held accountable for their crimes and atrocities. However, holding Hamas accountable should not come at the expense of innocent communities and committing violence against civilians in the region. As the most powerful military in the world, it is our moral imperative to call for an end to violence that guarantees the safety of children and mothers and secures civilian lives. I’m the only candidate who has supported the growing calls for the end of violence with a ceasefire. I also continue to call on our diplomatic corps to figure out a political solution to the crisis, which has to include a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. But first and foremost, we cannot continue with the inhumane attacks on civilian lives.