Perth Amboy Mayoral Candidate Joseph B. Vas and His Slate of Democrats for Progress City Council Candidates Doris Fonseca and Junior Iglesia Endorse Patricia Campos-Medina for U.S. Senate

May 7, 2024 | Press Release

Patricia Campos-Medina Endorses Perth Amboy Mayoral Candidate Joseph B. Vas and his Slate of Democrats for Progress Doris Fonseca and Junior Iglesia

Califon, NJ—Patricia Campos Medina’s campaign proudly announces a joint endorsement of Joseph B. Vas, candidate for the office of Mayor of Perth Amboy, and his slate of running mates under the Democrats for Progress team. This joint endorsement is a sign of the growing momentum the Campos-Medina campaign is picking up in key urban centers across NJ as she continues focusing on key issues working and middle-class families are facing today. 

“NJ families are looking for a fighter for their issues, someone ready to go to the US Senate and tackle solutions to their economic insecurity, to invest in good jobs with unions, champion the creation of more affordable housing, to champion student debt forgiveness, and to fight for women reproductive justice and medicare for all. These issues matter to families in Perth Amboy and all across New Jersey,” states Patricia Campos-Medina. 

 Campos-Medina spent over 12 years deeply involved in the Perth Amboy community, advocating for union workers and working closely with past administrations. This extensive experience uniquely equips her to understand the challenges and aspirations of Perth Amboy residents. With this insight, she confidently supports Vas and the Doris Fonseca and Junior Iglesia team, believing they are the right leaders to advance a vision of economic prosperity, government transparency, and democracy in the city. 

 “I am thrilled to collaborate with Vas, Fonseca, and Iglesia to meet the needs of the people of Perth Amboy. I am committed to bringing the voices and concerns of our urban cities to the federal level on issues such as affordable housing, protections against unfair rental practices, and bringing federal funds to the city to aid in its economic development. Collaboration between local and federal entities is crucial in addressing urban communities’ unique challenges. I am committed to working tirelessly to ensure that  these voices are heard and their needs are met on the national stage.”

Joseph B. Vas, a prominent member and former Chancellor of the Knights of Columbus-San Salvador Council #299, was born and raised in Perth Amboy. After completing his education, including obtaining a Master of Business Administration alongside his law degree, he established a law practice in Perth Amboy. Vas has been an outspoken advocate for addressing issues such as violent crime, vandalism, gang activity, and overall decline in quality of life within the city.

 “Patricia Campos-Medina embodies the essence of Perth Amboy’s storied history – a testament to hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of the American dream. From its colonial roots to its pivotal role in shaping democracy, Perth Amboy stands as a beacon of equality and fairness, said Joseph B. Vas. “Patricia’s journey mirrors this legacy, exemplifying humble beginnings, unwavering commitment to family, and tireless advocacy for working Americans. As we head to the polls on June 4th, my vote for the U.S. Senate unequivocally goes to Patricia.”

Doris Fonseca, a resident of Perth Amboy, serves on the Perth Amboy Board of Adjustments and brings extensive experience as an administrator in the building and construction industry. Her parents, Luz and Luis Roman founded Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church. From a young age, they instilled in Doris the values of civic responsibility and community service.

 Former Board of Education member Junior Iglesia has a long history of advocating for financial accountability and transparency in public service. As a senior employee of the New York City Department of Education and a member of the School Leadership Team, he brings valuable experience to his role. He believes that the Council’s primary duty is to provide oversight to prevent hidden tax increases, such as those disguised as water and sewer rate hikes or service fees, which have impacted Perth Amboy’s budget process.

About Patricia Campos-Medina

Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina, a nationally recognized union leader and community organizer, brings extensive experience and a proven track record of knowledge to her candidacy for the United States Senate. With three decades of dedicated service to union and grassroots organizing, election campaigns, government affairs, and organizational management, Patricia is a proven advocate for working families. Her commitment to higher education and workforce education is reflected in her academic journey, from earning a scholarship to attend Cornell University to earning a doctorate at Rutgers University.

Patricia’s journey as the daughter of immigrant workers escaping a civil war committed her dedication to defending education as the key to a better future. Her resilience and commitment to diversity and inclusion are pillars in her quest to represent all New Jerseyans in the United States Senate. As a policy expert, Patricia has demonstrated leadership in national and state legislative campaigns, where she has fought tirelessly to protect the rights of American workers, ensuring their ability to join unions and advocating for workplace safety, affordable healthcare, and decent retirements. Patricia Campos-Medina is not just another candidate; she’s a Jersey Girl ready to restore integrity, accountability, and trust in our politics, fighting for the opportunities every working family deserves.

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