Patricia Campos-Medina Congratulates Opponent and Reflects on Historic Campaign

Jun 5, 2024 | Press Release

Califon, NJ— Patricia Campos-Medina graciously congratulated Congressman Andy Kim on his electoral victory last night. Campos-Medina also congratulated Lawrence Ham on his campaign and expressed her admiration for him and his lifelong dedication to progressive issues.

In a heartfelt statement, Patricia reflected on the significance of their historic campaign as the first Latina woman to run for federal office, “Running for The U.S. Senate has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” said Campos-Medina. “I sincerely congratulate Congressman Kim and their team on a well-fought campaign. I am confident that Congressman Kim will serve our community with dedication and integrity in Washington.” 

Campos-Medina’s campaign was notable not only for its historic nature but also for its focus on working families. She drew attention to her advocacy for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, Medicare for all, lifting up working families, and sensible and humane immigration reform, which resonated with a diverse array of voters and brought important conversations to the forefront of the election.

“I am incredibly proud of what we achieved together,” exclaimed Dr. Campos-Medina continued. “Our campaign was about more than winning an election; it was about breaking the barriers women of color face when running for office. We have shown that the voices of working families matter and that, as leaders, we must do the necessary things to inspire future generations of young women to dream bigger and fight harder. I stepped up to run for office, so any daughter of a janitor or a teacher knows the daughters of NJ working families are ready to lead.”

Despite the outcome, Dr. Campos-Medina remains committed to advocating for New Jersey working families and women’s representation in politics. “This is not the end, but rather a new beginning,” she stated. “I will continue to advocate for all of you and work towards a future where everyone has a seat at the table, and if they don’t give us a seat, we will build our own.”

Dr. Campos-Medina concluded her remarks by thanking her family, supporters, campaign team, and volunteers. “To everyone who believed in our vision and worked tirelessly alongside us, thank you. Your passion and commitment have made a lasting impact, and together, we have set the stage for continued progress and representation for women in NJ politics.”


Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina, a nationally recognized labor leader and community organizer, brings a wealth of experience and a proven record of expertise to her candidacy for the United States Senate. With three decades of dedicated service in grassroots and union organizing, electoral campaigns, government affairs, and organizational management, Patricia is a proven champion for working families. Her commitment to higher education and labor education is reflected in her academic journey, from earning a scholarship to attend Cornell University to achieving a Ph.D. from Rutgers University.

Patricia’s journey as the daughter of immigrant workers escaping civil war informs her dedication to championing education as the key to a brighter future. Her resilience and commitment to diversity and inclusivity stand as pillars in her quest to represent all New Jerseyans in the U.S. Senate. As a policy expert, Patricia has demonstrated leadership in national and state legislative campaigns, where she has tirelessly fought to protect the rights of American workers, ensuring their ability to join unions and advocating for workplace safety, affordable healthcare, and dignified retirements. Patricia Campos-Medina is not just another candidate; she is a Jersey Girl ready to restore integrity, accountability, and trust in our politics, fighting for the opportunities every working family deserves.

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