Mar 29, 2024 | Press Release

Califon, N.J.—March 29, 2024 Today marks a pivotal moment in our campaign for a fairer, more inclusive democracy. U.S. District Judge Zahid Quraishi has delivered a groundbreaking decision, overturning the county line system in New Jersey for the upcoming primary election. This decision ensures that the U.S. Senate race will adopt a bloc ballot design for the primary, allowing all Senate candidates to appear together. 

This victory is not just for our campaign but for democracy. For over a decade, I’ve tirelessly advocated against the county line as undemocratic, discriminatory because it is a barrier to entry for first-time candidates, women, and people of color.

As a staunch labor activist and former New Jersey Working Families board member, I was in support of the original lawsuit against the Line. Together with Andy Kim and Larry Hamm, I recently urged county clerks to abandon the line and adopt a bloc ballot design.

With the judge’s decision, we can now forge ahead with a ballot design that upholds fairness and democracy in New Jersey. Giving voters a true vote and choice will only fortify our democratic principles.

But our work is far from over. This victory must propel us into deeper conversations about the issues that matter most to our communities. It’s time to engage in robust debates, to listen to diverse perspectives, and to enact meaningful change.

Democracy has won and now voters will have a voice and a choice in New Jersey. 

For further inquiries or to join our movement, visit www.Patricia4Senate.com.