Jersey Girl

Meet Patricia

Real Progressive – Labor Champion- Educator

Born into a family of hardworking immigrants, Patricia Campos-Medina’s journey embodies the essence of the American dream.

Patricia came to the United States as a 14 year old girl and entered eighth grade as an ESL (English as a Second Language) student. She worked hard to learn English, and as a teenager took on a part-time job at a local fast-food restaurant to earn money to assist with the family budget while still participating in sports and community service activities. Patricia excelled in high school, earned a scholarship and took on student loans to attend Cornell University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations, a Masters in Public Administration, and later on her PhD. from Rutgers University.

Tireless Advocate for Workers’ Rights

Patricia Has a Record of More Than 30 Years of Advocating for Working Families.

Inspired by her parents’ struggle as low wage workers in the hotel and restaurant industry without access to stable income and healthcare, Patricia became a tireless advocate for the rights of American workers, traveling across the country to champion American workers rights to join a union, earn a living wage and have dignity on the job.

Patricia has a Record of Leadership in Global Trade Relations

Patricia Attending the AFL-CIO’s Conference on Social Security & Later at an International Conference on Free Trade and Fair Labor Standards in China.

For more than 30 years, Patricia has advocated for policies that advance the creation of good paying jobs that build prosperity and a strong middle-class. She has served in several national legislative and policy roles advocating for American workers before the United States Congress and the White House, including leading advocacy on global trade policies that protect American workers interest, while advancing labor rights and environmental protections for civil society in all trade agreements.

Because of her experience in U.S. trade relations, she was first appointed by President Clinton in 2000 to serve as a member of the Labor Advisory Committee for the U.S. Trade Relations, and was re-appointed by President George W. Bush in 2001-2004. In 2008, her expertise was tapped by President Barack Obama by appointing her a member of the Transition Team for the Office of U.S. Trade Relations, recognizing her pioneering work advancing U.S. economic and foreign policy interests.

In 2004, Patricia was tapped by UNITE HERE to lead a grassroots campaign to aid the efforts of 15,000 Casino workers to build community support and power to settle a collective bargaining strike in Atlantic City, NJ. Her advocacy for the striking workers was successful, and she was subsequently tapped to become the New Jersey State Director for UNITE HERE, a union representing manufacturing, service, hotel and casino workers. Throughout North, Central and Southern New Jersey, Patricia has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with workers in their struggles to improve their working conditions, earn a living wage, achieve paid family and sick leave.

Patricia’s Experience Serving on Public Boards and Commissions

Patricia Promoting Access and Equity in Apprenticeships at the Laborers Joint Training Fund in Washington, D.C. (1999).

In New Jersey, Patricia has served on many public boards and commissions, including the NJ Casino Redevelopment Authority (CRDA), the NJ Economic Growth Council, the NY-NJ Port Security Task Force, the NJ Restart and Recovery Advisory Council, addressing the economic and health-related concerns of workers in NJ during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

All through her professional career, she has stood for the rights of manufacturing workers, cafeteria workers, construction and distribution center workers, nurses, teachers, doctors, and immigrant workers advocating for safe workplaces before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Warehouse Workers
Walmart Rally

Patricia Pursues a Doctorate Degree from Rutgers University, to Promote Policy Solutions that Advance Collective Bargaining Rights for all American Workers

Patricia Supporting Workers’ Campaigns to Have a Union.

Committed to advancing policy innovation, Patricia pursued a PhD at Rutgers University which allowed her the opportunity to become a researcher, writer and educator, leading worker right policy innovation as the executive director of the Worker Institute at ILR-Cornell University. In this role, she led a labor research and education center focused on policy solutions that advance collective bargaining rights for American workers, and racial and economic justice for women, workers of color, and immigrant workers.

She has led programs that directly address the prevention of sexual harassment and gender violence prevention for women and LGBTQIA+ workers in our workplaces. She conducts research and leads policy advocacy efforts that address the pay gap for women workers in our care economy, including safer work-arrangements for nurses and basic labor rights for domestic workers.

Leading Efforts to Recruit, Train and Support Women in Public Service

Patricia Supporting the Engagement of Women in Politics.

She is a leading voice for the political representation of women in politics, leading efforts to recruit, train and support women to run for elected and appointed office. She fundamentally believes that women’s voices are critical in bringing people together in our politics to focus on common sense solutions to our economic problems. 

Patricia believes that all work has dignity and all work should be dignified. She also believes in the power of entrepreneurship and the ability of government investment to spur economic innovation and mobility for working class communities.

Poder PAC
Wedding Ceremony
Family Portrait

New Jersey is Her Home, Where Her Children were Born and Her Family Resides

Patricia and Bob Getting Married in 2009.

Family Photo of Patricia, Bob, and their Twin Sons in Washington, D.C.

In 2007, Patricia met her husband Bob, an entrepreneur who transformed a small engineering firm into the largest Hispanic-owned engineering firm in New Jersey. They now reside in Hunterdon County with their two sons, their rescue dog Miles, and their parents and grandparents. Patricia’s extended family includes three brothers, two step sons and four grandchildren.

Jersey Girl Fighting for New Jersey Working Families

Patricia in Newark, New Jersey, with Union Leaders.

Patricia is a Jersey Girl, someone who believes in the core values of family, honesty, and opportunity.

She believes in the power of organized people to overcome the power of money in our politics.

Patricia is a champion for working families.

Join Patricia as she helps to restore trust in our politics.