Fighting for Fairness in the U.S. Senate Race: Campos-Medina States She Would Suffer Irreparable Harm if Judge Quraishi’s Order in the Line is Stayed

Apr 2, 2024 | Press Release

Today I filed an amicus brief stating that I would suffer “irreparable harm if the District Court’s preliminary injunction is stayed.” I have qualified to appear on the upcoming June 4th, 2024, ballots as a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the primary election for the Democratic Party and will be forced to compete against the county line, which has a statistically significant effect in terms of the benefits that flow to endorsed candidates. 

Unlike Andy Kim, I have not accepted the “county line,” and thus, I will be forced to bracket and associate with other candidates to either obtain preferential ballot placement in any county ballot on which they will appear, or to avoid being featured alone in “Ballot Siberia.” If the courts were to stay its initial ruling, the Court would be perpetuating an election process that is demonstrably unfair, uneven, and unconstitutional.

The image of the Camden County Democratic Committee blocking me from participating in their convention is the image that signifies the abuse of power of the party bosses. The image however is not new to women of color, as we have faced the discriminatory treatment of the line every time, we are told it’s not our time to run and to go “get out” and get back to the back of the line.

The end of the party line is an opportunity for the Democratic Party to live up to its commitment to inclusion and diversity and to become more open to creating opportunities for women of color to run so that our statewide political representation is more reflective of the population of the State of NJ.  

The end of the line moves us towards a democratic process that levels the playing field so women can run on their merits, not when given permission to run by men over backroom deals. New Jersey voters deserve a voice and a choice and my campaign for U.S. Senate is giving them one. 

I am a real progressive Democrat and I am standing for women representation.

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