Dr. Campos-Medina Shines in Dynamic New Jersey Democratic Primary Debate

May 14, 2024 | Press Release

“Passionately Advocating Progressive Values, Dr. Campos-Medina Sets Herself Apart in the Race for U.S. Senate”

Newark– Last night, the ACLU of New Jersey, the League of Women Voters of New Jersey, and Salvation and Social Justice, in Partnership with WNYC/New Jersey Public Radio, hosted The Vote Your Values: 2024 New Jersey Democratic Primary Debate. This debate provided an invaluable opportunity for voters to directly engage with the visions and policy proposals put forth by Dr. Campos-Medina and her fellow Democratic contenders. As the sole woman candidate in the race, Dr. Campos-Medina passionately articulated her platform, emphasizing crucial priorities such as protecting women’s reproductive freedom, advocating for a fair tax code, championing labor rights, advancing LGBTQ+ protections, ensuring childcare, and promoting inclusive policies that uplift marginalized communities. These pressing issues, including housing affordability, immigration reform, and advocating for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, underscore the state’s urgent need for proactive and decisive action.

Voters witnessed the determination and fighting spirit Dr. Campos-Medina has exhibited in advocating for the working class over her career. People have acknowledged that Washington, D.C., is broken, and Congress is in a logjam. If we keep electing incumbents, we keep getting the same results. Dr. Campos-Medina is the fresh voice and choice to get things done in the US Senate. 

In her closing remarks, Dr. Campos-Medina underscored the significance of her candidacy, stating, “My policy positions are not based on political polls that I read; they are based on my lived experience. I am the daughter of a janitor who never had access to affordable healthcare, so I will always fight for Medicare for all. Because I attended school thanks to student loans, I will stand with President Biden to ensure we get student loan relief. Because I survived a war as a child and will always fight for a foreign policy promoting peace. I am running for the US Senate because, at this time, New Jersey needs a woman in the Senate. Every daughter of a nurse every daughter of a teacher needs to see this daughter of a janitor fulfill her American dream and know that I am ready to fight for their dreams. This Jersey Girl is ready to fight for NJ Families.”