COLAPA Calls on the Camden County Democratic Organization to Apologize to Dr. Campos-Medina for the Discriminatory Treatment She Received at the Camden County Convention

Apr 5, 2024 | Press Release

On March 25, 2024, the Fellowshipof Latino Evangelical Pastors of NJ (COLAPA), a group of over 60 Latino Pastors via a letter to the New Jersey Democratic Party, called on leadership to live up to its commitment to inclusion and diversity by fully committing to eliminating  the county party line, a system of endorsements that discriminates against women candidates, and limits the ability of women of color to run for elected office based on their merits.

COLAPA calls on the leadership of the Democratic Party to live up to its commitment to diversity and inclusion by encouraging the participation of more Latinos in the political process by recruiting them and supporting them to run for public office. Specifically, they call on the NJ State Democratic Party to apologize to Dr. Campos Medina for the discriminatory treatment she received at one of its conventions in Camden County. The image of Dr. Campos-Medina being physically blocked by five men from participation in the Camden County party convention will live in history as representing the discrimination faced by the NJ Latino community and one of its respected leaders, a woman of faith, who dares to step up and claim representation for women in NJ. 

“I thank all the members of COLAPA and specifically Pastor Julio Escotto and Pastor Jesus Sevilla for their leadership in calling on our political leaders to live up to our party’s commitment to diversity and equity. The incident in Camden County symbolized to me the experiences of the countless number of women of color, of Latinas, who are told repeatedly, by the Democratic County machine, to go back to the back of the line because we are not prepared or ready to run for office,” states Dr. Campos-Medina.

The candidacy of Dr. Patricia Campos Medina is focused on elevating the issues NJ Working Families need, such as good jobs, access to affordable healthcare and Medicare for All, Student Debt Relief, the right to join a union, women reproductive freedom, and an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.   

Patricia Campos-Medina is a labor champion, educator and progressive Democrat. For over 30 years, she has been an unwavering champion for worker’s rights in various national legislative and policy roles, including shaping global trade policies to safeguard American workers and promote labor rights and environmental protections. 

To see the letter from the Pastors, click here.