A Statement From Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina Regarding The Confrontation at Camden County Democrats Committee: A Call for Change in New Jersey Politics

Mar 18, 2024 | Press Release

It’s tough enough to be a woman in New Jersey politics with its history of harassment and intimidation, but to be confronted by five men who did not have any identification or credentials to stop me at the Camden County Democrats Committee this weekend is unacceptable behavior. I was invited to enter the building to greet supporters by a county committee member. One of the men at the door told me the chairman didn’t invite me and to get out. It seems that male political bosses are taking lessons from Trump. That’s why we need more women in politics to change the Democratic Party.

To view the video where Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina is not allowed into the convention and has garnered more than 220,000 views, click HERE.

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